Opportunities !!!

Yes, we're open

Interested in basic or applied research?

You can start by aiming for a:

  • BS (bachelor's) degree. During your 3-5 year period you will learn how to think, and acquire a skill set that you will use for the rest of your career.
  • MS (master's) degree. During the approximately 2 year period, you will learn what others have already thought and done. Sharpen the tools you already have and start your journey to be an independent and creative scientist.
  • Ph.D. (doctorate) degree: During the approximately 4 year period, you will boldly venture to think and do what no one else has done before, will becoming an independent and creative scientist. You will be able to compete with anyone in the world in your area of expertise.
  • Post-doc (Postdoctoral): Short period research, aimed at continuous learning of new skill sets applied to a specific research problem, will actively engaging your community.


UFABC is a newly founded, highly dynamic and forward thinking institution. The Graduate Programs at UFABC offers a hands-on experience on cutting-edge international research. Another unique feature of UFABC is the interdisciplinarity embedded within the backbone of academic structure, allowing a student to take courses from other Graduate Programs as part of their training.

The successful applicant will have a strong intellect, disciplined work habits, enthusiastic and a self-motivated person. You will need to meet the academic requirements for enrollment for the graduate program at UFABC, with a background in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nano-sciences, Engineering, or a related field.

UFABC has no tuition fee. Full funding/scholarship is tax-free and would apply for the whole duration, it will be provided by the graduate program or by state funding agency, allowing full time dedication to their academic studies and research project.

How to apply?

Interested graduate students, should choose Master programme (up to a 24 month) or a Doctorate programme (up to 48 month). In order to earn one of these degree from UFABC the candidate must undertake both research and coursework. To apply for a post-doctorate the candidate should hold a Doctorate degree.

This research proposal should be of interest to you and related to our work in optical trapping, combining state of the art developments in optics and photonics with curiosity driven research. Informal inquiries can be made to me, Professor Antonio A. R. Neves, Federal University of ABC with a copy of your current CV and a covering letter detailing your interest.