Available Undergrad Project

Each experimental undergrad projects start with a question. The use of scientific methods is the step-by-step process to complete the research. The proposed undergraduate research project is an excellent opportunity to conduct research with an academic supervisor.

The proposed topic is on Computational Optics applied to Microscopy. Here is a video introducing the field:

Any student with CR>2 can apply to the call for Edital 01/2017 (PIC/PIBIC/AF/PIBITI).

It would be recommended some experience with linear algebra, optics, and some programming language.

You will gain:
  • Knowledge and implementation of cutting-edge computational research applied to biological materials (a rapidly growing area). 
  • Learn to evaluate and critique research papers. 
  • Refine the ability to present technical material to a non-specialist audience.
Interested candidates should email me, informing your interest, CR, and prior experience of the above recommendations, prior to 10/05/2017. Deadline for project proposals is on the 19/05/2017.