March São Paulo

Given the worldwide decrease interest for science, through lack of funding, ignorance, and public policies, a march was set up all around the globe (on 22nd April) to bring public awareness.

In São Paulo, Brazil, this has been around 300 people in a public square disguised as a science fair, since officials didn´t allow a public march. This is just to emphasize the lack of public support! Therefore most of our work should be towards informing the general public.

After decades, you would expect that global warming denials, danger of vaccines, flat earthers would be practically extinct. Not true.
More over, the near half cut to the National Science and Technology federal budget would certainly downgrade our national science in the coming years. This is alarming also due to the size of the cut, while other government department had on average a 28% cut Science and Technology took 44%.

Whatever the future would be, one thing is for sure, it´ll  be harder than before.