National Higher Education Ranking

Recently the Ministry of Education has released the most recent results for higher education in Brazil, The IGC index is a metric that represents the quality of the university education in general, ranging from 1 to 5, the ones below 3 are considered unsatisfactory. The IGC is built upon yearly evaluations of undergraduate and graduate courses over the last three years.

The map below highlight the national distribution of the 2017 IGC, for universities and federal institutes. For more information click on the colored dots.

It is important to highlight the most (>50%) of the public institutions are highly ranked (grades 4 and 5), and that there are no private institution grade 5. As a matter of fact, only 16% attained grade 4. This goes against the recent report made by the world bank suggesting that the government shouldn´t have public universities. It seems that the world bank report has overlooked several facts that would lead to a conclusion contrary to what was suggested, as highlighted in a news written by a public university professor.